Mirror Moon

Acting as a ‘cultural mirror’ to society, the moon has always inspired humanity, reflecting the ideas and beliefs of all people around the world. Over centuries the moon has been interpreted as a god and as a planet. It has been used as a timekeeper, calendar and been a source of light to aid night time navigation. Throughout history the moon has inspired artists, poets, scientists, writers, and musicians the world over.

Just as the Moon in the sky reflects humanity’s understanding, our hopes and dreams, so Mirror Moon reflects the exhibition space it occupies.

Made in stainless steel, using NASA accurate topographic data from the moon’s surface, Mirror Moon allows the public to feel and touch every crater, valley and mountain. As well as allowing everyone to explore the Moon visually and through touch, this artwork will also be great for those in our society who are visually impaired.

The silver moon light, the delicate crescent following the setting sun and the mysterious dark side of the moon has evoked passion and exploration. Different cultures around the world have their own historical, cultural, scientific and religious relationships to the moon. And yet somehow, despite these differences, the moon connects us all.

The artwork will first be presented at the Royal Society in London this July.  

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