Clothed with Protection

Clothed with Protection is an arts project by Luke Jerram in collaboration with Dr Chrissie Jones, funded by the IMPRINT Network.

Commissioning 10 fashion designers in Kampala, Uganda we created an exhibition of clothing that promotes vaccination in pregnant women across Africa. We spread the message that vaccination protects both mother and baby. “Vaccination clothes you and your baby with protection”.

Far too many new-borns continue to die in early life, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. Many die from infections that could be prevented by vaccination during pregnancy and infancy. During the later stages of pregnancy, antibodies are transferred across the placenta from mother to child. Vaccination in pregnancy boosts this natural process, providing protection to the infant in the early weeks of life.

Just as clothing protects us from the outside world, whether from extreme temperature, rain or abrasion, so vaccinations create a layer of protection from infection.

Presenting the clothing initially as part of a catwalk show and community event, in Kampala, the body of work will also form an exhibition to tour the UK. We worked with an extraordinary array of designers for this project include IGC Fashion who also helped to co-ordinate things on the ground in Uganda. The designers specialize in making clothing from recycled fabrics to form the most astonishing, distinctive work.

Each designer is committed to engaging with and equipping their community to bring about positive change.

The journey of the project was filmed by Cinematic Media and this film, together with the clothing, preparatory drawings and music form a touring exhibition which will be presented in museums of the UK.

If you are interested in presenting Clothed with Protection please contact:

Design Collaborators
Bobbin Case
Fiona Kyama
Quill Clothing
IGC Fashion

Idah Nandyose
Kajebe Jacob Joshua
Marvin Zziwa
Msema culture
Njola Impressions

We also commissioned local musician @DreamBouy who has written a song promoting vaccination, which will performed on stage and broadcast on television, radio and online.


Further Science and Educational Materials
Film about vaccination during pregnancy
Written text about vaccination


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