Art, Science & Play – Book

Luke Jerram: Art, Science & Play provides a fascinating insight into the evolving practice of international artist Luke Jerram. With over fifty colour photographs and two specially commissioned texts by Ken Arnold (Wellcome Collection) and Mark Ball (Manchester International Festival) the publication delves into the mind of an artist known for his imaginative ability to combine art, science and play, showing us that (in his own words) “anything is possible.”

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Drawing together Jerram’s extensive practice for the first time, the book includes the artist’s personal reflections on over thirty artworks and projects, providing a unique insight into the continual process of reinvention that inspires his ever-changing approach to art.

The book takes a journey through Jerram’s imagination, touring the world with the help of engineers, composers, glassblowers, medieval musicologists and hot air balloonists, who have helped to realise both the personal and the public scale of his extraordinary work.

With thanks

With thanks to the University of Bristol and the University of Sheffield for their support towards the publication.