1000 Flowers

Luke Jerram, creator of last year’s festival hit Museum of the Moon, returns to the Cork MidSummer Festival with a new, unique experience made especially for Cork!  1000 flowers will be given out during the course of this year’s festival, to be shared and passed on from person to person – to a friend, to a partner, or to a complete stranger – with each movement of a flower forming a unique and special moment between two people. Using the hashtag #1000flowers, to capture the moments online creating a citywide thread of stories, encounters and exchanges!

A man catches the attention of a commuter and gives them two free flowers to take away; one to keep and another to give to someone else. They might choose to give the flower to their friend or partner, a complete stranger, or someone they may only know by sight.

Participants will be asked to share images, videos and stories, on social media, of what happened at this point of exchange using the hashtag #1000flowers

The artwork will create a network of people, connected by one simple gesture.

By doing this, the artwork hopes to connect people across the city, encouraging trust and goodwill between strangers. It’s about the unexpected sense of pleasure and power that giving something away for nothing can create.

But what will really happen?

1000 Flowers will be taking place in Cork on:

20 June 2018: 5.30pm at the GPO
21 June 2018: 8.30am at the Bus Station & 5.30pm at Tory Top Park