Tide TV

Broadcasting from a floating video camera which has been released on a high tide into the river Avon, we watch as it slowly glides down towards the sea. Drifting and turning with the altering tides, winds and currents what will we see on its journey?

Bob’s journey on Saturday 16th April:

With a massive 13.6m difference between high tide and low tide, it seems the river Avon is ever changing. Very few boats ever use this stretch of the Avon and whilst some sections of the river are visible from nearby pathways and roads, others are always hidden from public view. This artwork reveals this hidden landscape and broadcasts it to the world, as a form of slow television. Whilst it might be interesting to see if you can work out where this camera is on it’s journey, this could possibly be the most boring television you have ever seen? Let’s find out!

To ensure there is no damage to the river or sea, you’ll be glad to know at the end of this experimental project, our team is going to retrieve the camera from the river just before it reaches the sea. We also don’t want to lose it!

For Luke, this is just one of series of experimental projects he’s carrying out this year.  He may well repeat this experiment in other rivers and seas in the future.

With Thanks to:
Oliver Humpage – tech design & build
Tom Appleby – retrieval


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