Power Station

In 2014, Luke Jerram was short listed to design the outside of a power station.

The building has an etched surface with image by London artist Francis Seymore Haden in 1879, who’s etching was actually drawn from the position in the landscape where the power station is sited.

Whilst concealing the flues within the cladding, the landscape imagery with the clouds, etched into the surface of the aluminium façade created a light feel. The imagery wraps the blade, and there is a pleasure seeing a cloud turn the corner.

Revealing the landscape of Greenwich and the Thames as it was 130 years ago, the public could contemplate London as it once was. The artwork aimed to make people think about the future for the city. What will the landscape look like in 100 years time?

Weather Centre
The building was designed to act as a gateway to the area, and information point for people passing through the space. In the evening, a weather prediction for the following day was going to be presented on the front and back of the building. In this way the illuminated weather display was to be a fun and useful daily point of reference.