In 2021, Extinction Rebellion commissioned Luke to design an artwork to highlight the problems of air pollution. In Bristol there are now more deaths through air pollution than from car crashes.

A stencil in the shape of a set of lungs was created and used across Bristol to create clean graffiti. A battery powered high pressure hose was used with the stencil, to blast the pollution off the walls creating an image of the set of lungs and words “Our Air Our City“.  The imagery was created in a number of high profile locations including the City Hall and Marlborough street, next to the Bristol Royal Infirmary which is the most polluted street in Bristol.

By cleaning dirt off a surface of a road or wall to make imagery, is this illegal graffiti or are we tidying up the city? Like other projects by Luke Jerram, this work explores and questions the legality of making art in the public domain.

If you want to make and CNC cut your own Lung stencils, you can download the cutting files here.  Every town and city will have companies who can make stencils with a CNC router. The stencil was made of a material called Dibond, but 12mm plywood also works.

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