Helios – In Greek mythology Helios was the god and personification of the Sun.

This new artwork was conceived in the UK’s third national lockdown, in the middle of winter, a time when we all needed a little warmth and sunshine in our lives.

Based on complex geometry Luke is working with engineers and fabricators to design and create this floating sculpture of the Sun. 10m in diameter and 5m high, the giant floating Sun artwork will be made of steel and moored to the walls of the docks.

Created as a hemisphere, the lower half of the Sun will be created from the reflection in the water. Glowing gold in the daytime, the artwork will change in the day, as the sun illuminates it, creating extraordinary reflections. At night the artwork will slowly begin to come alive!

Internally illuminated and emitting mist, the artwork will bathe the docks with warm golden light. It might look like fireball at night or as though a meteorite has crash landed. Thousands of people will come to take photos and to marvel at its beauty. They may even choose to sunbathe in the evening!

A surround sound composition about the Sun will be created which will available as a free download to be listen to through the public’s headphones. Information about the artwork and the music will be available on the dockside. The music will blend NASA sunlight recordings, sun mythologies, sound of fire and heat.

Current status of the artwork

Artistic development, CAD designs, structural analysis, costing, prototyping and testing have all been carried out for this new and complex work. We are consulting with naval architects, structural engineers, CAD designers, arts fabricators and even sub aqua divers about the creation and installation of the artwork. Phase 1 has been completed and we are now awaiting funding for the fabrication.

Healing power of the Sun and Travel restrictions of 2021

After the winter we’ve had, we all need a little healing.

‘Getting some Sunshine’ has historically been used as a simple method for healing, contemplation and convalescence. Due to travel restrictions most people in the UK won’t be able to go abroad this summer, so this artwork brings the sun a little closer to home.