Han River Pavilion

Created for Hangang Art Park, Seoul, the Han River Pavilion opened on 27th August 2018.

From its conception back in late 2017, the Han River Pavilion was designed to be both a location for contemplation and wonder, as well as a space for events. Accessed from a walkway connected to the riverbank, the public are able to explore the structure both during the day and at night.

The River Pavilion is:

  • A venue for concerts, film evenings, lectures and community led events.
  • A space for contemplation, participation and activation.
  • A destination where the community can connect, express themselves and grow together.

Development of the Han River Pavilion

From a set of drawings through to a complex CAD model, dozens of designs were created which gradually evolved into the final pavilion.

The pavilion was inspired by looking at the microscopic diatoms which are found in the Han River. These beautiful geometric algae are used as ‘Bioindicators’ by scientists to study the health of water systems.

Taking the three dimensional shapes of diatoms found in the Han River, enlarged versions of these forms were carved out from an oblong built on top of the barge. The overall shape of the oblong was simply made from a set of wooden vertical clad planes.

Like many of Luke’s installations the artwork will be completed by the presence of the public. Space has been made for Han River Pavilion to be programmed and animated by the host organisation.

Events on board:

  • Cinema – for water/environmental themed films.
  • Lectures, choirs, traditional drumming, dance.
  • Bands performing.
  • Early Morning TaiChi or Yoga.
  • Poetry readings.
  • Educational activities; study of the Han River waterlife with microscopes.
  • Night time astronomy on the upper deck.

Luke says ”It’s a great pleasure and privilege to design the River Pavilion for Hangang Park. It’s been wonderful to work with the team in Seoul and a great adventure for all of us. I can’t wait to see how the space gets animated by its visitors and all the events that take place on board.”

Scientific Research

Using Diatoms as Bioindicators of the Han River.  University of Texas, Austin 2015.
Health of the Han River.  Sangmyung University 2014.

Hangang Art Park Project

Hangang Art Park Project was planned to transform the Hangang (or Han) river,  which has undergone various changes through years of continuous development, into a place with full of experiences where people can take a qualified relaxation through more artistic and denser experiences in urban life.

With the theme of “HANGANG _ let ART take a pause. then FLOW into,”,

Hangang Art Park will be composed as a place for emotional communication and communion with the active relaxation concept of Hangang.