Aeolus - Acoustic Wind Pavilion

Aeolus is an investigation into acoustics, wind and architecture. This specially designed wind pavilion is an architectural space that will resonate and sing with the wind. This link takes you to the Aeolus microsite. 2011

Glass Microbiology

Created in clear glass, the sculptures are designed for contemplation and to consider how the artificial colouring of scientific imagery affects our understanding of phenomenon. This link takes you to the Glass Microbiology microsite. Since 2004 ongoing.

Kinetic Chandeliers

Kinetic solar powered chandeliers designed and commissioned for different spaces and installations. From 6ft to 30ft tall, the artworks, flicker and shimmer in the sunlight during the day. At night they are lit internally and create revolving shadows around the room. Since 2012


3D pixelated sculpture commissioned by the Watershed for the Bristol Temple Quarter. Seen from a distance a figure of a child stands in the train station. Up close, she fragments into three dimensional pixels. 2013

The Invisible Homeless

This life size glass sleeping figure was made as part of an Arts Council funded residency at the Glass Hub in UK. The artwork was made to highlight the growing number of hidden and invisible homeless people there now are.

Tōhoku Japanese Earthquake Sculpture

This sculpture was made to contemplate the 2011 Tōhoku Japanese Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami. Exploring how data can be represented and interpreted, the artwork is one of a series of visualization sculptures Jerram has recently created. 2011

28 Seconds of Hiroshima

One of a series of works investigating the visualization of invisible phenomenon and data through sculpture. Exhibited at Jerwood Visual Arts, London and Grizedale Arts. 2011


A glass sculpture commissioned by St.Georges in Bristol for their new extension. The form of the artwork is made by taking a sound file from a section of famous Philip Glass music, and rotating it about its axis.

Crash! Glass Stock Exchange Sculptures

A set of sculptures Jerram created based on American stock exchange data. Exploring how data can be represented and interpreted, the artwork is one of a series of rotated visualization sculptures. 2012

Flag Machine

An investigation into flags and nationalism through the creation of a flag neutralising machine. 2013


Design for the facade of Bristol Royal Infirmary. Working in collaboration with Arup, Willis Newson and architects CODA. 2013

Held - Rotated Mexican Border

Glass sculpture made by rotating a scale drawing of the Mexican border line. The sculpture was created during a residency at the Museum of Glass, Washington. 2011

Life Time

With health updates via smart watch, this piece of jewellery displays how long the user has to live.

Street Car

Street Car is a sculpture which from a distance looks like a car but transforms into a set of useful furniture and play equipment for the community to enjoy. The project questions how we currently use our streets, and asks how we might want them to operate in the future.