Toast from the Miracle Toaster

Toast from the Miracle Toaster


Gift Artworks

Miracle Toaster

In celebration of the famous toasted cheese sandwich said to bear an image of the Virgin Mary, I made this new toaster for a friend who believes in miracles. An image of Mary is guaranteed every time the toaster is used.

Over 500 slices of miracle toast were created and given away during the Spike Island open studios in Bristol, filling the gallery with smoke and the smell of toast.  

Hats for Dreamers

Commissioned by NESTA as gifts for 'thinkers' attending an incubator weekend.


Made for Laura's parties. When the candle burns down, the pin falls out and the cone extinguishes the flame.

Fortune Poetry Machine

This Fortune Predicting Poetry Machine was made as a leaving present for a marine biologist friend who was having problems with his girlfriend. By pulling the handle, he would be given advice for the day. "Forget, her, memory." or  " Eat, more, and run"etc. The couple have since resolved their differences, got married and had two children.

Meteorite Catcher

Made in response to comparing probabilities of winning the lottery to being hit by a meteorite. A gift for a lottery playing friend.

Black Cloud

This 8 metre long black inflatable cloud was made for a sad friend to help cheer him up. We used meth burners to fly the cloud over Bristol. Unfortunately the cloud caught fire at 100ft, but the event did cheer my friend up.