Abandoned Broadcasting Corporation

Whether we’re in the countryside or in the city, technological rubbish is a part of our lives and visual vocabulary of our landscape. Abandoned electronic media scattered across a city springs to life as the public passes by. This installation artwork in development.

Aeolus - Acoustic Wind Pavilion

Aeolus is an investigation into acoustics, wind and architecture. Currently in development one output from the research will be a specially designed wind pavilion, an architectural space that will resonate and sing with the wind. This link takes you to a special Aeolus microsite.

Dream Director

An interactive installation designed to direct the contents of participant's dreams as they sleep over night in the gallery. Commissioned by the Watershed and funded by the Clarke Bursary the Dream Director installation is currently touring museums and galleries in the UK. As a part of research for the Sky Orchestra. 2007

Ghost Plane

Installation in Europe's largest wind tunnel Farnborough Airbase. Created from liquid mercury and light, Ghost Plane was commissioned by Arts Catalyst. 2004

Just Sometimes..

Temporary outdoor installation commissioned for the Witte de With Festival, Rotterdam. 100's of umbrellas floating like swans on the canal. Occasionally one or two would be found trying to escape a few hundred meters down stream. 2010


The retinal after-image installation Jerram created after 'Retinal Memory Volume'. Commissioned by Site Gallery for an exhibition called 'Everything is Number.' 2001

My RSC Gallery

This architectural intervention is designed to help promote a sense of ownership of the new theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon. The public were invited to create artwork for a hidden exhibition that was literally embedded into the fabric of in the building. 2010

Plant Orchestra

The plant orchestra amplifies the imperceptible sound waves of 20 plants and gives the public an opportunity to conduct this newly assembled orchestra. Since 2009 ongoing.

Retinal Memory Volume

Described as a classic in its field 'Retinal Memory Volume' is an emmersive installation artwork that creates virtual objects within a viewer, using a patented retinal after-image process. Jerram's most successful installation the artwork has been continually touring the world since its creation back in 1997.

St Gabriel's Garden

In an abandoned underground mail tunnel in Birmingham, Jerram and composer Dan Jones create a series of sound and light based artworks inspired by the properties of the tunnel and it's history. The industrial sounds of a sorting office were recorded by sending dictaphones through the post on 'voice activated record'. 2007


A kinetic sound installation controlled by the movements of the Moon and Sun. Commissioned by Da2 the artwork toured around the globe for several years. 2001.

Tunnel Vision

In the 1/2km long dissused railway tunnel of Stapelhill Bristol, Tunnel Vision was a fusion of architecture, candlelight, surround sound and the visiting public. A vast array of speakers were mounted in the ceiling of the 8m high tunnel, lit at night by over 500 candles. 2006