Portrait Projecting Ring

Held up to a light source this ring projects portraits onto the nearest surface. Created for the wedding of Luke Jerram and Shelina Nanji. 2008

Talking Ring

A talking engagement ring - created under the code name 'The Edison Project'. Made by Luke to propose to his wife. 2008

Black Cloud

A gift that caught fire, made for a friend who was sad. 2002


Made for Laura's dinner parties, the candle puts itself out after a designated period of time. 2000

Fortune Poetry Machine

Fortune predicting poetry machine for a friend having trouble with his girl. 1999

Hats for dreamers

Commissioned by NESTA as gifts for 'thinkers' attending an incubator weekend. 2005

Invisible Portraits

At the age of 16, Sir Henry Wellcome's first product was invisible ink (simply lemon juice), which he sold through the Garden City Herald. Jerram's 1000 invisible portraits of Wellcome for the launch of the Wellcome Collection, London. 2004

Meteorite Catcher

Made in response to comparing probabilities of winning the lottery to being hit by a meteorite. A gift for a lottery playing friend. 1999

Miracle Toaster

A toaster made for a friend who believes in miracles. 2003